We are Kindness Unlimited

(Unusual name check. Unusual taur-tarika check2)

Now our thing is there are certain things in life that are pretty basic, being nice and kind is one of them.  It’s a no-brainer really, but because we humans specialize in the no-brainer variety; we have replaced the good stuff with a bunch of toxic things. Which is where we come in and remind people of what kindness looks like in the 21st century- openness, acceptance, and empathy.

Cool Cool Cool but what am I doing here?

Now, World  Kindness Day is huge for us obviously 😛  And this year we want to go even bigger and are doing a live show with acts from the likes of funny man Tanmay Bhat to a power packed performance by singer-songwriter, Ankur Tewari  (of Gully Boy fame), all themed around kindness.

Done! So where do I pay?

So here’s the thing you don’t mean pay…umm as in you kind of do but not the way you’re used to.   You ‘Pay In Kind’.  Simply said that means ‘Agar tereko event attend karne ka hai toh tereko kuch kind karna padega boss*

And with our volunteering partners ConnectFor, we are giving you a chance to do just that! We are offering up some really fun volunteering opportunities that include everything from playing with pups, to making eco friendly bags to cleaning up them beaches.  So pick an event that floats your boat, attend it and collect your ticket for our big event on the 13th of November. Comprende?

Choose from any of the weekends below, volunteer with us and win your ticket for the live show!

It’s pretty straightforward fam, so let’s be kind and do something great together! Looking forward to seeing y’all on World Kindness Day until then fill up the form below and sign up for one of our weekend volunteering events.  Over and Out!