Kindness Lives

The Kindness Lives on Instagram are an extension of our face to face Kindness Hangouts. The purpose is to share on a subject that is relevant in Karuna times. Invitees share on a wide range of subjects that help us see the flip-side of our times and possibly trigger action for the greater good.

Upstander - The Power of One

The Hangout on 8th Feb highlighted through simple anecdotes the importance of ‘standing up’ and ‘supporting’ one another. Upstanders help make life meaningful for both themselves and others. We thank Mr. Scott Corse for guiding us in this Hangouts session.

The Kindness Hangouts

The ‘Kindness Hangout’ is a monthly discussion forum, driven to encourage conversations. The larger purpose is to call upon people from various walks of life, each committed to driving social change. The platform is intimate and advocates dialogue and discourse, thus allowing for the cross pollination of ideas, the cultivation of mutual respect and increased sensitisation and awareness.

Some of our former Hangout speakers have included: Filmmaker- Amole Gupte, Roving Editor, Headlines Today- Mahrukh Inayet,  Activist – Arun Ferreira, Columnist and author- Dilip D’souza and Theatre Personality- Quasar Padamsee, Mechanical Engineer- Scott Corse just to name a few.

KU in Media

Kindness Unlimited in its goal to spread kindness everywhere has also interacted with various media sources and has also been featured in journals and magazines as well.

KU’s own Nirmala Mehendale featured in an article in the April 2020 edition of the LifePositive magazine.

Click here to read an excerpt from it.