Spread Kindness - It's Contagious

This is a scary time but also a remarkably hopeful one. Amidst the fear, anxiety and panic, humanity has once against shined its heartwarming light on the good. From neighbors singing across balconies, to musicians streaming gigs from their living rooms, to young people making grocery runs for their community to friends reconnecting after years, we’ve done it.. we’ve spread the virus! We’ve let the Kindness contagion take over! And there’s no stopping it now. So please write to us with whatever you maybe doing to pass on this #KindnessVirus and we’ll be happy to help with it’s spread. Take care, be safe and spread kindness, it’s contagious ❤ contactus@kindnessunlimited.in

About Us

For the greater part of a decade, Kindness Unlimited has worked towards inspiring individuals & communities with the power of Kindness! KU fuels the human story by being a driver of empathy and continually underscoring its motto of ‘Balancing Self Interest with the Common Good’. A band of connectors, catalysts and influencers, KU attempts to unite givers and takers, by virtue of breaking down divisibility, building social capital and strengthening the human connection.

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