Celebrating 1 Year of Kindness Hangouts

From Jan 2014, Kindness Unlimited has been holding a monthly discussion forum to initiate conversations, called the 'Kindness Hangout', which brings to its forefront various individuals who have worked for the common good. It is through the experience and shared information of the invited expert with the group and sharing of kindness instances among the members of the forum that growth and learning takes place. It has created a spark of bonding, a sense of community, a faith in give and take and a network of connectivity amongst the people who attend. It has enabled people to reach out to one another for help as well as encourage each other to offer help.

We have been lucky to have had some eminent speakers from all walks of life address us in the past. Some of these names include esteemed artist and now public activist-Ms. Vidya Vaidya; Citizen activist- Ms. Bharati Kakad; Writer, columnist and public commentator- Mr Dilip D’Souza; Vice President, TCS- Mr Suresh Mhatre; Editor in Chief, Reader’s Digest- Mr Mohan Sivanand, award winning documentary filmmaker- Ms. Paromita Vohra; storyteller and TOI's speaking tree columnist- Marguerite Theophil; Former VP at Godrej- Mr Indrapal Singh; Storyteller and social entrepreneur- Sunny Pawar; Equal Rights Activist - Harish Iyer and acclaimed TV show- Satyamev Jayate's, Research Head- Mr Lancy Fernandes